h Mudassir Abbas | Cyberteq

Meet Mudassir Abbas

Mudassir has several years of experience as an IT Security Consultant, he possess hands on experience in Penetration Testing, Malware Analysis, SOC etc. He has proven record of helping clients make their Cybersecurity robust.

Mudassir, how did you get fascinated by technology?

My interest in computers started developing when my father bought me my first computer in 8th grade, this interest then converted into passion and profession eventually. Cybersecurity is especially interesting for me as it gives a chance to be a superhero and defend information security in cyberspace!

Tell us more about your professional experience:

My daily activities involve doing IT Security Assessments, Penetration Tests, and handling other technical stuff I am responsible for. IT Security is very vast and challenging so we as a team face new challenges every day and solve them to fulfill customer’s requirements.

What is the biggest value you bring together with your team for your customers?

Positive attitude and dedication towards work, combined with my teamwork abilities, brings excellent value and satisfaction for customers. At Cyberteq, we make sure our clients’ IT security requirements are fully met.

Why did you join Cyberteq?

Working at Cyberteq is great, because everyone gets equal opportunities to polish their skills and grow. Working environment is very friendly with optimistic team who believes in collaboration and always ready to help each other.

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