Meet Mattias Jernlaas

An IT Security expert with many years of experience as a consultant. He has a good understanding of both technical and business side of security. Well equipped to be the head of security of a multi-national organization. 

Mattias, how did you become a Technology Hero?

I have been interested in computers and programming since I was a little kid. My keen interest is the reason I have succeeded in learning so much about IT Security.

What are your daily activities?

I have worked professionally for many years as a penetration tester, finding security vulnerabilities in networks and software. I have always had great knowledge of the technical side, but when writing project reports I have learned more about the business side of security. I have learned what is important for the customer. On a daily basis, I do many different things. I develop our security services and solutions, meet customers and perform technical assessments.

Can you tell us about a project you are very proud of?

I am the architect behind our mUnit and it is something I am very proud of. It is the result of my experience from both the technical and business sides of security. I know what the security managers expect to see, and I found a technical solution to discover, track and mitigate security risks in a very cost-effective way.

What is the biggest value you bring together with your team for your customers?

My methodical approach to any project or problem combined with my calmness makes me an excellent problem solver!

Why did you join Cyberteq?

I am part of Cyberteq because I like the international flavour. I enjoy different sites and cultures, and the daily interaction between our different offices.

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