Meet Liliane Uwarugira

Liliane is an IT Security Expert at Cyberteq who is passionate about protecting and de-risking organizations against threats and vulnerabilities in the modern cyberspace.

Liliane, how did you get fascinated by technology?

The first time I touched a computer was in 1998 and I was instantly enchanted from that day onward! I decided to learn more about it and got very interested by Computer Networking that led me to the desire of protecting the information running into the Computer Networking Systems.

Tell us more about your professional experience:

I have worked as a Data Communication Professional for many years. Mostly working with firewalls, routers and switches to ensure network inter-connectivity. I always built protected networks to make sure that any information flowing in the network was secured. I maintained a secured technology environment through implementing security controls from Security Standards and Regulations. Now, I support Organizations to work in a secured technology environment through offering security services according to their business needs.

Are there any projects that you are very proud of?

I have worked on different projects like protecting the Organization network perimeters through implementing a strong secured network structure. I have implemented different security solutions to ensure Organizations’ data security like Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Data Loss Protection (DLP) and among others. In addition, I have implemented security controls to ensure compliance with Rwanda Local regulation governing telecom network security and the ISO/IEC 27001-2013.

What is the biggest value you bring together with your team for your customers?

When assigned a project, I focus on identifying and understanding the customer’s situation, main challenges and issues. This helps me to effectively plan and mitigate the problems, hence delivering great value to the customer. I am always eager to take new challenges and to benefit from my team’s experience whenever I need help.

Why did you join Cyberteq?

Cyberteq is an attractive professional employer; with its good work culture and team spirit. At Cyberteq, employees are treated with trust and are offered interesting professional growth opportunities. The main aim at Cyberteq is not to earn money; its wider purpose is to ensure that the services offered respond to customer objectives/ expectations.

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