Remote Data Capacity Management during COVID-19

In addition to the medical and economic difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, the telecom sector is facing a huge challenge due to the dramatic increase in mobile data traffic resulting in congestion and speed drops.

Due to government instructions to stay home during this period, there is a change in user behavior and geographical shift of high usage data traffic from city centers & business areas to sub urban and rural areas where networks are not designed to handle high daytime traffic load.

Mobile operators need to effectively manage their 4G and 3G capacity to adapt to this exceptional traffic change. It is specially challenging during these times as mobility of resources is limited.

Cyberteq can offer support in handling this challenge with our remote capacity management service which will allow operators to implement needed mitigations, retaining ARPU and quality of service, in a cost effective and efficient manner.

Below is high level description for 4G and 3G remote capacity management service methodology:

4G Remote Capacity Management

The principle CYBERTEQ follows for LTE/4G capacity monitoring is not only computing PRB utilization but also consider different inputs which impact PRB like connected users, control channels, processor loads.

3G Remote Capacity Management

The methodology to compute the achievable throughput per active user basically follows HSDPA principle:

  • UE reports a CQI (Channel Quality Indicator),
  • CQI is corrected with the available Power for HSPA
  • CQI is converted into a Transport Block Size TBS
  • A correction is performed to take into account Codes available for HSPA
  • TBS is converted into a cell throughput by dividing it by the HSPA TTI of 2ms
  • Achievable throughput per active user is then simply the cell throughput divider over the #of active HSPA users in the cell


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