Code of Conduct


This code of conduct is applicable to all suppliers, sub-contractors, and other partners (hereinafter “Supplier(s)”) that do business with Cyberteq or any other company, wholly or partly owned, directly or indirectly by Cyberteq (“Cyberteq”).

Cyberteq strives to be a responsible company and partner, in all its business relations and in all countries in which it is active. Cyberteq is committed to integrity, respect for the law and going beyond the law to advance social and environmental responsibility. Cyberteq and its employees have undertaken to act in accordance with Cyberteq’s code of business ethics and conduct, which has been approved by the board of directors of Cyberteq   and which has been implemented in Cyberteq’s internal organisation. 

The purpose of this partner, supplier, and sub-contractor code of conduct (hereinafter “The Supplier Code”) is to assure that our Suppliers share Cyberteq’s commitment to such responsible business practices and adhere to the same requirements and principles as Cyberteq.

The Supplier Code has been developed in order to achieve Cyberteq’s environmental, economic and social targets as well as to fulfil our core values, company culture and basic principles of openness, objectivity, reliability, activity and promptness. The Supplier Code is based upon principles from the guiding standard ISO 26000 Social Responsibility as well as UN Global Compact’s principles in the areas of human rights, labour, environment, and anti-corruption. These principles derive from The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, The International Labour Organization’s Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, The Rio Declaration on Environment and Development, The United Nations Convention Against Corruption.

Cyberteq expects that Suppliers shall behave with a high level of ethics and conduct their business according to the highest standards, principles and norms described in this Supplier Code. The Supplier Code shall serve as a guideline for Cyberteq’s Suppliers in their daily operations and business relationship with Cyberteq and includes requirements and principles within the following areas:

Implementation and compliance

The Supplier shall ensure that its employees, relevant affiliated companies, and subcontractors are informed about the content and comply with the requirements of this Supplier Code.

Cyberteq will monitor and follow up Suppliers’ compliance with the Supplier Code as well as continuous improvements. The Supplier shall provide Cyberteq with information and allow Cyberteq, or its representatives, access to the Supplier’s relevant premises and documentation in order to verify that the Supplier, its employees, relevant affiliated companies and subcontractors comply with this Supplier Code.

Should the Supplier find any obstacles in meeting the requirements or find any breaches, those shall be reported immediately to the Supplier’s main contact in Cyberteq. Actions inconsistent with the Supplier Code must be promptly corrected and may be subject to sanctions. In event of a breach of the Supplier Code, Cyberteq is entitled to terminate the agreement with the Supplier.

Cyberteq’s so-called ‘whistle-blower function’ should be used if a Supplier suspects that there are violations of laws, regulations or of this code of conduct. Every Supplier therefore has the right and duty, without complications, to report suspicion of serious irregularities and discrepancies to Cyberteq’s Managing Director of each country and/ or in sensitive cases to the Head of HR at Cyberteq. Cyberteq will maintain policies that protect the confidentiality of whistle-blowers who may raise concerns about ethical or legal issues within Cyberteq or the Supplier.

Cyberteq is willing to actively support and follow up Suppliers in the interpretation and implementation of the principles and requirements set out in this Supplier Code.

Compliance with laws, rules, and regulations

Suppliers shall, in all their activities, always comply with applicable laws, rules and regulations in the countries in which they operate. Should any requirement in this Supplier Code conflict with applicable mandatory national law, the law must always be followed. In such cases the Supplier shall notify Cyberteq immediately, before signing this Supplier Code. However, Cyberteq’s requirements set out in this Supplier Code may go beyond the requirements set out in national law and the highest standards consistent with applicable local laws shall always be applied.

Human rights

Suppliers shall respect internationally proclaimed human rights and the personal dignity, privacy, and rights of each individual. Supplier shall avoid being complicit in human rights abuses of any kind, directly or indirectly.

Labor standards

Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining

Suppliers shall support the right of free association and collective bargaining of employees. Suppliers shall not discriminate against Worker’s representatives or members of Trade Unions.

Child labor

Suppliers shall not, directly, or indirectly, employ or use child labor. In this code “child” means anyone under 15 years of age, unless national or local law stipulates a higher mandatory school leaving or minimum working age, in which case the higher age shall apply. “Child labor” means any work by child or young person unless it is considered acceptable under the International Labor Organization (ILO) Minimum Age Convention 1973 (C 138). See more information at Supplier shall secure that persons under the age of 18 do not perform any hazardous work, such as, exposure to physical, psychological, or sexual abuse or to work with dangerous equipment, exposure to hazardous substances, agents or processes, temperatures, noise levels or vibrations; particularly difficult conditions such as work for long hours or at night.


Suppliers are responsible for ensuring that equal opportunities exist within their corporations and for implementing initiatives that prevent discrimination and harassment related to gender, ethnic background, sexual orientation, religion, beliefs, political affiliation, and disabilities. Working for and with Cyberteq is a commitment to respectful treatment of all individuals. Suppliers are responsible for treating all individuals with respect and must prevent discrimination. Cyberteq follows its equal opportunity strategy to promote each individual’s rights regarding professional development and work-related terms and conditions and expects that its Suppliers do the same.

Employment conditions

Suppliers shall provide its employees remuneration that meets applicable national legal standard on minimum wage. Moreover, Suppliers shall secure that working hours are not excessive and as a minimum comply with applicable local laws. Suppliers shall respect the individual employee’s need for recovery and secure that all employees have the right to adequate leave from work with pay. Suppliers shall secure that their employees are provided with written agreements of employment setting out employment conditions in a language understandable to the employee.

Forced labor

Suppliers shall not use forced or compulsory labor, including, but not limited to, debt bonded labor. Suppliers shall ensure that the work relationship between the Suppliers’ employee and Supplier is freely chosen and free from threats.

Health and safety

Suppliers shall secure that the workers are provided with a healthy and safe working environment in accordance with internationally recognized standards. Suppliers shall control hazards and take necessary precautionary measures against accidents and occupational diseases. Whenever necessary, Suppliers shall provide employees with adequate and regular training to ensure that employees are adequately educated on health and safety issues.


Suppliers shall take a precautionary approach towards environmental challenges, undertake initiatives to promote greater environmental responsibility, and encourage the development and diffusion of environmentally friendly technologies. Suppliers shall act in accordance with relevant local and internationally recognized environmental standards and shall always strive to minimize their environmental impact and continuously improve their environmental performance.

Corruption and other prohibited business practices

Cyberteq is committed to work against corruption in all its form, including extortion and bribery and expects its Suppliers to do the same. Suppliers shall comply with applicable laws and regulations concerning bribery, corruption, extortion, fraud, money laundering and any other prohibited business practices.

Suppliers shall not, neither directly nor through an intermediary, grant, promise, offer, demand or accept gifts, rewards, or other benefits, that may constitute a bribe, corruption or otherwise a violation of laws.

Cyberteq complies with the International Anti-Corruption Code of Gifts, Rewards, and other Benefits in Business. No employee or representative of Cyberteq shall solicit or accept a gift, reward or other benefit from a client, partner, supplier or other third party or grant, promise or offer a gift, reward or other benefit to a client, partner, supplier or third party, contrary to the guidelines set out in the above-mentioned anti-corruption code. Suppliers shall refrain from any business practices in relation to Cyberteq’s employees and representatives (or anyone closely related to these) that may be contrary to such guidelines.

Cyberteq is opposed to all forms of money laundering and expects that Suppliers also take necessary steps to prevent that their financial transactions are being used by others to launder money. Suppliers shall under no circumstances cause or be part of any breach of general or special competition regulations, such as illegal cooperation on pricing, illegal market sharing or any other behaviour that is in breach of relevant competition laws.

Protecting Cyberteq’s assets and avoiding conflicts of interest

Suppliers shall observe total confidentiality/secrecy regarding Cyberteq and its relations and Cyberteq’s clients and their relations with their clients.

Information about Cyberteq and Cyberteq’s clients is used only for carrying out the assignment. Cyberteq’s confidentiality agreement covers all types of information, such as business intelligence analyses, manufacturing methods, patent rights, copyrights, address lists, rates, bids, and calculation methodologies. Cyberteq assumes that confidentiality agreements extend beyond termination of its business relation. In addition, the terms of client-specific confidentiality agreements are always valid, even if the Supplier is no longer a partner, supplier, or subcontractor to Cyberteq. Supplier must comply with all oral and written confidentiality agreements. Cyberteq has clear rules regarding management of confidential information.

All Suppliers must keep in mind and accept Cyberteq’s ownership, intellectual property and other rights to all materials and results that are produced while working with and/or for Cyberteq. Without delay, Supplier must commit to informing Cyberteq if intangible assets might be of value to the company.

Protecting Cyberteq’s, its clients’ and partners’ confidential and proprietary information

Suppliers must sign an appropriate confidentiality agreement and Cyberteq’s security policy before they start any assignment for Cyberteq. All data and information not in the public domain and relating to Cyberteq’s as well as to its clients’ and partners’ businesses, must be kept confidential. Information about/received from Cyberteq and Cyberteq’s clients and partners shall be used only for carrying out the assignment for Cyberteq. In no event shall the Supplier misuse or disclose any information that may qualify as sensitive personal data, insider information of Cyberteq, or other information the confidentiality of which is protected by law.

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