CEO's year end message

While 2021 can be considered as a year of recovery from COVID-19, with expected worldwide economic growth of around 5.9%, it is ending with many governments reinstating restrictions due to the fast spread of the Omicron variant, and a high vaccination rate is considered as the most efficient solution to limit the pandemic.

2021 was a breakthrough year for Cyberteq as we combined all our efforts to achieve our targets despite challenges related to the pandemic. We managed to grow our revenue by 180% (YoY), to win 28 new clients (100% YoY), and to increase our workforce by 62%. Our workforce has 24% women employees working in the cybersecurity domain. Our target is to reach 35% (women's employment) by 2023 and 50% by 2025. In 2022 our target is to double our workforce to fulfill our growth plan.

We continue to provide the best solutions to our clients in different sectors and we strive to gain their trust in every type of engagement. Expanding our client’s portfolio is a key factor to grow our business in all regions, and in 2021 we won new clients in Telecom, BFSI, Pharmaceutical, Food, and Health sectors.

Our subscription-based solution mUnit continues to contribute to our revenue (30% recurrent revenue) with 100% growth (YoY), gaining new clients in the EMEA region. We have successfully launched mUnit R2.0 which combines both Proactive and Reactive measures in Cybersecurity assurance and protection, and next year we will continue to develop it with release 3.0.

Our SOC in Ghana is also growing in terms of revenue and workforce to support our new clients in West and North Africa. We still anticipate a high demand for SOC services following the increased requirements by regulators in every region.

We won the Cybersecurity Consulting Company of the Year Award at GITTA 2021 and the Cybersecurity Consulting Brand of the Year Award at the National Communications Awards 2021 in Ghana. We are proud of these two awards as they are an attestation to the great work we are doing to help organizations secure their businesses.

We want to continue our growth in 2022 as per our strategic plan, expanding our client portfolio in existing and new territories. Our team is highly passionate and committed to achieving our goals and maintaining high credibility toward our clients and shareholders.

Happy new year!

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