How did you first learn about Cyberteq?

I was looking for a new and exciting opportunity in a multi-national company, and I came to know about an opportunity at Cyberteq on LinkedIn. I applied for the job, and soon got an interview call. After interviews with HR, and Head of MENA region, I was selected as the right candidate for the job!

What is your role at Cyberteq?

My role is of a Cybersecurity Consultant.

What do you like most about your job?

The best thing about this job is that there are new challenges every day. The smooth collaboration between team members across the globe, work-life balance, and continuously improving my technical and communication skills.

What does a typical day look like for you and what are you currently working on?

Normally, I have few projects to work on daily. The day usually starts with looking into the progress of current projects and actioning the agreed tasks. Once done, I catch up on my email and ticketing notifications. The later half of the day is spent in connecting with our customers to see if they need any help in resolving cybersecurity issues.

How do you create a work-life balance while working at Cyberteq?

Balancing work and life are always tricky in our industry. At Cyberteq, we are always encouraged to not work after the working hours, unless there is something urgent. So, once I am done for a day at work, I make sure I spend quality time with my family and friends. Maintaining this balance helps me to stay focused.

How has Cyberteq helped you in your career development?

At Cyberteq, we believe in continuous growth. Every new project provides an opportunity to learn something new. We also have in-house and external trainings which are focused on technical development along with customer experience.

What are 3 words to describe Cyberteq?

Pioneering, Customer Oriented and Authentic.

What has been your favourite project at Cyberteq?

Penetration Testing for our customer in the telecom is one of my favourite projects.

What is your favourite part about working for Cyberteq?

The fact that we secure our customers and reduce their cybersecurity risks!

When working on a project, how do you add value for the clients?

My multi-industry Cybersecurity experience enables me to accurately understand the customer requirements. This helps me to customize the assessments and come with reliable solutions for risk management.

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