Meet Ahmed Mohamed

He is our Senior Cybersecurity Expert at Cyberteq Egypt. Ahmed has many years of experience in Application Security.


Ahmed, how did you become a Technology Hero?

Since the very beginning, I decided to study Computer Sciences and find out what is really happening in the background. I was obsessed with discovering different platforms and always attempted to dig deep to gain more knowledge. Soon I got aware of IT security and realized it's importance. With the increasing numbers of software for all sorts of devices, cybersecurity has become critical than ever. To build my career in Security, I am always training and educating myself on the latest in the field. 


What are your daily activities?

I work as a Senior Cybersecurity Expert; this means creating and ensuring processes, and making sure they are followed by the security team in Egypt. A good amount of time is also spent on coordinating with the team to make sure the projects and routine activities such as security assessments and penetration tests run smoothly. I also work closely with our the Sales Team for pre-sales discussions. Communicating with clients is very important to me for coordinating project activity.


Can you tell us about a project you are very proud of?

All the projects I have worked on are very special to me. However, if I must name one, I think it would be the first mUnit project I did in Egypt. Understanding the client's requirements and configuring the best solution to efficiently manage their security requirements gives great satisfaction. 


What is the biggest value you bring together with your team for your customers?

Customer satisfaction is very important to me and my team. As soon as we start the project, we are focused on delivering the services with highest quality and on the agreed timelines. 


Why did you join Cyberteq?

Cyberteq is a multinational organization spreading its business in Egypt. I always wanted to be part of a rapidly growing and innovative company and Cyberteq is even more than this. At Cyberteq, we are constantly working towards making our services better and challenging ourselves. All of this translates into a much better and wholesome customer experience. 

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