CEO's year end message

As we are entering a new year, it is time to recap 2020 with all of its challenges and achievements.

Humanity has been facing an unexpected and highly contagious virus and we were all unprepared for this battle. In addition to its medical risks, COVID-19’s main problem is its impact at community level. The constant fear of contagion affects our daily life and leads to social isolation which is contrary to human nature. Global economy has suffered, and many companies were at the brink of being out of business.

At Cyberteq, our top priority was to protect our teams, families, and clients.  We moved to a home-based work model at our offices in Singapore, Ghana, Egypt, UAE, and Poland with a flexible work schedule to fit the new ‘normal’.  Our teams showed a high level of commitment and we were able to serve our clients without interruption. As a result, we succeeded in growing our revenue from mUnit by 210%. We have won 14 new key clients and hired 11 new employees. 17% of our workforce is women employees and we are targeting to reach 35% in next two years. Attracting, developing, and retaining the best human resources is crucial for Cyberteq’s further growth and execution of our 3-year strategic plan.

Every day at Cyberteq, we strive to add value to our clients. We understand our client’s challenges and provide the best suited, customized solution at a competitive price ensuring highest quality. Our client portfolio now includes MTN, Airtel Tigo, Al Araby, Ezz Steel, Banque  du Caire, and CERRAD.

mUnit continues to be Cyberteq’s flagship solution with constant increase in number of clients in EMEA region in different sectors (Telecom, ISP, BFSI, Manufacturing and Education). We have successfully launched mUnit R1.7 and development for R2.0 will continue in 2021. Combining mUnit with cybersecurity insurance business will be a major milestone expected to be achieved next year.

We also launched our new SOC in Ghana with AT&T cybersecurity solutions for threat detection and response. We anticipate a high demand for SOC services following the increased requirements by regulators in every region.

2021 will be a breakthrough year for Cyberteq, and we are well prepared to achieve our targets. Pandemic related challenges will still prevail, but we have the adaptability to handle them together with our teams and clients.

Happy new year!

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